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We are a movement around a message of unity, global justice, and freedom that are anchored in dates of liberation.
Highlighting stories and issues of the constant struggle for respect, freedom and liberation that need to be told...
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    Day 10: Israel destroys Gaza’s Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patientsthree children killed while playing on roof5,000 tonnes of explosives fired at Gaza during Israel’s 10-day assault, UNRWA asked Israel to retract false claims about schoolsIsrael launches Gaza ground operation as death toll passes 240 | July 17, 2014

    1. A Palestinian woman cries inside her damaged house which was targeted in an Israeli air strike. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

    2. Palestinian children fill bottles and containers with water from a public tap in Rafah. (Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters)

    3. Belongings are strewn about in a building that police said was damaged by an overnight Israeli air strike in Khan Younis. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

    4. A Palestinian girl walks with a toy that she salvaged from debris of the el-Yazje apartment building which was destroyed following an overnight Israeli missile strike. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

    5. Children’s shoes are bagged among belongings salvaged from a damaged Palestinian home which police said was targeted in an Israeli air strike. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

    6. A Palestinian boy rides his bicycle past a damaged building following an Israeli air strike. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

    7. Flares fired by the Israeli military are seen above the northern Gaza Strip. (Ronen Zvulun/Reuters)

    8. The father of two boys from the Shaibar family, whom medics said were killed along with a girl from the same extended family by an Israeli air strike after the end of a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire, grieves outside the morgue in Gaza City. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

    9. A Palestinian woman reacts inside her damaged house which was targeted in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

    10. Smoke from flares rises in the sky in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

    (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Naming the dead)


    when im walking and my song comes on

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    (via Rush Limbaugh Claims Malaysian Airliner Was Shot Down In a Conspiracy To Help Obama)


    Venezuelans show their solidarity with Palestine.

    Caracas, Venezuela. July 14, 2014. (Source)

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    Up to 200,000 people angry with high costs and poor public services took to the streets. Protesters in Rio de Janeiro burned cars and looted buildings as police attempted to disperse them with teargas and rubber bullets. Aerial images showed thousands of people attempting to storm the congress building in Brasilia. The rallies…are some of the biggest ever seen in the country…


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    Bill Nye the Science Guy schools CNN on climate change

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    11 problems Brazil doesn’t want the world to see before the World Cup

    Brazil’s soccer-obsessed fans would be ecstatic if the national team known as the “Pentacampeões,” or the five-time champions, won the FIFA World Cup on home soil. But this year, even though the World Cup is taking place in the country synonymous with the sport, many Brazilians are not excited about the competition.

    Many Brazilians are boycotting the world’s largest soccer event, and are using it as an opportunity to shine a light on some of the country’s long-standing social ills. According to a survey released by the Pew Research Center, 72% of Brazilians are dissatisfied with their country.

    Read the full list | Follow policymic

    Behind the World Cup


    The Colors of World Cup Brazil 2014




    1. Carl Gibson, is a spokesman and organizer for US Uncut, a nonviolent, creative direct-action movement to stop budget cuts by getting corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. Contact Carl on the Commons or read his other articles on
    2. Citizen Radio
    3. Vocativ
    4. Detroit Water Brigade
    5. Detroit Water Brigade

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    Uncovering the Rock Churches of Lalibela in Northern Ethiopia

    To view more photos and videos of the rock churches of northern Ethiopia, browse the #Lalibela hashtag and location page.

    Nine hundred years ago, workers set out to construct a new holy city in the northern highlands of Ethiopia. Instead of building from the ground up, they began chiseling down into the red volcanic rock. Believed to be built with the assistance of angels working through the night, the 11 rock-hewn churches of Lalibela were carved into giant blocks of sandstone and connected through a series of tunnels, ceremonial passageways, drainage ditches and caves.

    Today, Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s most holy cities and carries the nickname of “New Jerusalem.” It has been a pilgrimage site for Christians for centuries and continues to be a destination for worship and daily devotion for the priests, monks and orthodox Christians who comprise the town’s population. Tourists from around the world now also trek to Lalibela to marvel at its stunning architectural accomplishments. Though all of the original churches are still in active use, many of the structures are considered to be in critical condition as a result of water damage and seismic activity. UNESCO declared Lalibela a world-heritage site in 1978 and has organized support to restore the monuments. A number of the churches are now protected under temporary light-weight shelters.

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    Police Brutality At Its Finest: California Highway Patrol Officer Beats A Black Woman Senseless On The Side Of The Freeway


    Venus Williams for ESPN Magazine’s 2014 “Body Issue”.

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    Here’s what the anti-discrimination speeches FIFA is making players read should really say

    Amidst the last minute heroics and gravity-defying goals, people seem to have forgotten the brutal police crackdowns, rampant dislocation and erosion of social services that enabled the tournament’s “success.”

    Blame FIFA, the sponsoring organization whose callous hypocrisy is matched only by its savvy in obscuring the damage it inflicts. Luckily, we have Australian illustrator David Squires to keep us honest.

    Using the “anti-discrimination” text FIFA has players read before matches as an entry point, the artist has created a series of comic panels interpreting what these messages really mean.

    Read more | Follow micdotcom 

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    Esses alemães (by Uma Paulista na Alemanha)


    Floating Lanterns, by: { Dwight K. Morita }

    These floating lanterns memorialize those that have passed away at Ala Moana Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.  As the sun sets in the background, small boats with Buddhist monks and church volunteers help to launch and shepherd the small armada of lantern ships, each inscribed with sentiments from family and friends.  This traditional Buddhist practice began as a small ritual, but has since grown to become a major event attracting thousands of people of all faiths from around the world.

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